Why Do So Many Students Drop Out Of High School? Essay

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Video number eleven featured the first TED Talks television program featuring many speakers on the question: “Why do so many students drop out of high school?” This program was presented by famous musician John Legend and the speakers on this issue included: Mrs. Rita Pierson, Dr. Ramsay Mussallam, Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth, Mr. Bill Gates, Dr. Geoffrey Canada, Mrs. Pearl Arredendo, and Sir Ken Robinson. Each of these speakers were given an opportunity to provide their own individual response to this question as well as providing details on what they have done as educators in order to combat the issue of large dropout rates in high schools.
There were a variety of different answers to this dilemma. For example Mrs. Rita Pierson believed that the reason that students drop out of school is because they have not been connected to any of their teachers. Dr. Ramsay Mussallam believed that students became bored in school and that they were not being challenged and confused. Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth believed that students were not being motivated in the correct ways in the classroom and that students needed to develop perseverance and passion (which she terms “grit”). Mr. Bill Gates believed that teachers are not given enough feedback in their lessons compared to other successful countries throughout the world. Dr. Geoffrey Canada believed that innovation has not been allowed to occur in classrooms and that the traditional methods of teaching are too engulfed in todays’ classrooms.…

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