Why Do Politicians Break Their Promises On Migration? Essay

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Why do politicians break their promises on migration? Since 1994 immigration control has risen to the centre of electoral campaigns across European countries, giving salience to the growing discontinuity between public opinion and policy (Lahav and Guiraudon: 2006).
I propose a research project which combines theoretical and methodological approaches to research, integrating qualitative data to build a stronger understanding of why politicians break their promises on migration. The gap between rhetoric and reality in immigration policy have been explained through three theoretical lenses; political economy, liberal, and globalisation approaches (Freeman: 2006, Joppke: 2000, Sassen: 2000). While institutional approaches provide the relevant and necessary material to understand the theoretical foundations of research - they lack the methodological rigour needed to build an explanatory account of immigration policy. This warrants an in depth analysis of migration policy in Germany and France (Boswell, 2007). To supplement the theoretical approach, I offer a methodological framework to interpret qualitative data on migration policy in Germany and France (Presworski and Saloman: 2006). Workers’ unions, businesses, civil society, and politicians each play a key role in shaping the migratory process as they reflect society’s understanding of migration. This stake in driving politics is integral to build an explanation of why politicians break their promises on migration.…

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