Argumentative Essay: The Importance Of Body Cameras

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Body Cameras
“Cops keep firing, in my environment Leaving you slumped, then they drive home, Far from the hood.” These famous lyrics by Nas represents how a lot of people see police officers, shooting down innocent civilians and then returning to their lives with no consequences. That is not how police officers should be seen they are suppose to be the ones to protect the people and keep criminals off the streets, not killing innocent civilians. With the recent unarmed African Americans killed, children being body slammed in school, and dogs shot and killed in an apartment hallway body cameras for police officers has became a hot topic. Body cameras with audio recording should be required for all police officers on duty. Body cameras would help reduce the amount of lawful but awful shootings, racially motivated shootings, and restrict and limit police officers and their abuse of power.
First, Body cameras will help prevent lawful but awful killings. Lawful but awful killings refer to “instances where police have a solid legal defense for firing a weapon, but might have avoided the killing
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There should also be strict rules on these body cameras. Body cameras will prevent lawful but awful killings, racially motivated shootings, abuse of power and limit the power police officers have. With the problems of the video being stored and the limiting the access to the public already being figured out there is no reason body cameras should not be required. Body cameras will make the U.S. as a whole a better place to live in because it will protect the people and make sure the police are serving to protect. Body cameras will reduce the amount of dead bodies in the streets because of police officers, families will have justice for their loved ones, and police will not be able to abuse their power. Police are often seen as tyrants, with body cameras police will return to the people who protect and serve their

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