Why Do Police Abuse Their Power Of Authority Through Excessive Force

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How and why do police abuse their power of authority through Excessive Force, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Unreasonable Search, and Tampering with the rights of Pre-trial Detainees? They are many different ways in which a police officer can abuse their power of authority; some of them abuse their authority by making false arrest, using too much force when trying to arrest someone, searching someone without a warrant or the person permission, this has been going on for years its becoming an American problem because the people that should be protecting us are the people who we are most afraid of and that should never be the case in a society.
Excessive Force is a hard thing for the courts to place judgment upon because it can be looked at from many different angle and they is no real way in measuring the use of excessive so it become problematic for the officer and the people. An officer is train to use excessive when his life or his partner life is in danger but it is also up to the officer to assess the danger that him and his partner is facing. The use of excessive force is not only physical but the physical aspect of excessive force is the one look at the most the method in which they look at the use of excessive force is qualitative since there is no official way to measure the amount make it subjective. The suspect 's movements to the officer or a citizen must be evaluated to determine if a threat occurred. This conduct will have to be calculated established upon…

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