Why Do People Who Don T Wear Shoes Essay

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People go through their lives trying to find out who they are and trying to show other people who they are. For some, they continually buy nice and expensive things trying to show off that they are someone special or important. Others, however, don’t need nice and expensive things and they are fine with what they have. The things people own can and will convey a message to others. For example, if someone drives a nice car, people will assume they are rich. Even if someone tries not to judge by material things, they will. It’s just human nature. If someone doesn’t wear shoes people will assume they are poor when in reality they may just not like wearing shoes. In my personal experience I know people who don’t like wearing shoes and they are …show more content…
Someone with two full time jobs and not enough money to feed their kids will probably manage their money better than a millionaire who buys whatever they see. The latter of the two will probably be less grateful as well. Imagine handing a hundred dollar bill to each of these people. The person struggling to feed their kids might break down and cry and say thank you because now their kids can eat more than ice and water for the month. The millionaire would probably laugh and use it to blow his nose. Money, in a sense, is relative. It all depends on the situation at hand. No two persons will manage their money the same. Also, if a person does have a lot of money they will most likely be surrounded by people who don’t really care about them, they just want a chunk of their change. This could be a reason why people who have a lot of cash are sometimes stuck up and arrogant. They are probably used to people always wanting some of their money so eventually they just give up on people and start acting like jerks. Deep down inside though they are just like everyone else. Their biological makeup will still be the same, they are still human. Just because a person comes off as shallow, doesn’t mean they are mean, maybe they are just trying to protect themselves and their

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