Essay about Why Do People Shop

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Why Do People Shop?
Do people shop simply to make purchases? considerations that are unrelated to an actual purchase? other than his or her need for products or services.


Are some shopping trips motivated by The results of an explora-

tory study of shopper motivation suggest that a person may shop for many reasons

'T'HE field of consumer behavior has experi-•- enced a dynamic period of growth over the past 10 years. It is frequently overlooked, however, that this broad area consists of three distinct activities: shopping, buying, and consuming. Considerable progress has been achieved in identifying the behavioral dimensions of buying, and a number of theories of buying
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An individual learns about trends and movements and the symbols that support them when he visits a store. Rich and Portis found that among department and discount store shoppers in New York and Cleveland, 30% said "seeing new items and getting new ideas" was the reason they enjoyed shopping.'' Many people are interested in keeping informed about the latest trends in fashion, styling, or product innovations. While such learning may take place with or without a purchase, a certain segment of shop|>ers for each product category is more prone to buying new items. Stores which are trend-conscious may appeal to these innovators.* Physical Activity—An urban environment characterized by mass transportation and freeway driving provides little opportunity for individuals to exercise at a leisurely pace. Shopping can provide people with a considerable amount of exercise. Many retailers attempt to minimize the walking distance on their premises believing that shoppers perceive it to be an inconvenience. However, some shoppers apparently welcome the chance to walk in centers and malls that have been designed with intemal thruways. Sensory Stimulation—Retail institutions provide many potential sensory benefits for shoppers. Customers browse through a store looking at the merchandise and at each other; they enjoy handling the merchandise, and are either tr\'ing it on or trying it out. Sound can also be important, since a "noisy" environment creates a

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