Why Do People Lie? Essay

1453 Words May 10th, 2015 6 Pages
One day a little schoolboy forgot to do his homework and was scared to tell his teacher the truth. The teacher was taking up the homework and asked the child, “Where is your homework?” Instead of telling his teacher that he did not have the homework completed and accepting responsibility for his actions, the child replied, “My dog ate my homework.” This specific lie is something that has been used as an excuse from school children for years on end to avoid the consequences that come with forgetting to do their homework. Lies have become a dominant part of everyday life in today’s American society, good and bad. This brings up the question, “Why do people lie?” There are many reasons that deception is such a large part of society. People lie because the truth can be harmful to a person’s self esteem; lies cause relationships to fail; and lies often seem like a better option than the truth. Lisa Firestone, an esteemed psychologist, writes that lying is a common action that comes naturally to the majority of people. A person may not lie in every altercation they have. but statistics show that an average person lies during one of every five confrontations. It is also not easy to detect when one is being lied to. Researchers have found that on a regular day a person can be lied to anywhere from ten to two-hundred times at least. The question remains, “Why do people lie?” In an interview with Robin Roberts, Robert Feldman, someone who has researched the subject of lies and…

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