Why Do People Leave Their Homeland And Move For Another Country?

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Content :
 Introduction
 Travelling several reasons
 Travelling problems
 Travelers‘attractive destinations
 Sources of immigrants
 Summery
 References

1.introduction why do people leave their homeland and move to another country?. People leave their countries to generally improve their life. Travelling abroad presents several benefits, However, immigration surely presents many challenges for travelers .Immigrants usually leave their homeland with its problems and move to another better attractive destination. The process of immigrating is not easy, but for many individuals staying in their home country does not provide them with a promising future. Most immigrants are willing to take risks and work hard to build a solid future even though the process can be challenging
2.Travelling several reasons Traveling reasons are widely varying . Some migrants have to leave their homeland because of wars, poverty, famines ,natural disasters or other reasons relative to sexual, political or personal freedom. On the other hand Others leave searching for better education systems and welfare programmes existing in more advanced countries, moreover to work and entrepreneurial opportunities. But there is another distinctive kind of travelers who are simply joining friends and family that have already resettled.
These are some of the top reasons as to why people immigrate.
2.1.Financially Secured Future people immigrate to gain Financial Stability and…

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