Why Do People Join Gangs? Essay

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1. Imagine yourself as a youth living in a neighborhood contested by two rival street gangs. Would you join one of the gangs? Why or why not?
• Personally, I could never imagine myself being a part of a gang. However, if I grew up in a different area where gangs heavily influence the area, then maybe I would be dragged into one. Although, personally I do not stand for anything that gangs do. I do not support violence. However, I do see the importance of having strong social connections and being close to people, so if I did not have a strong family relationship, and had difficulty figuring out my identity, then possibly I would join one, but I really do see it as the last option.
2. Although gangs are often though of as having little redeeming value or positive function, can you think of any contributions that even a delinquent subculture can make to the social and psychological well-being of its members?
• Often times people join gangs as a result of fear of being alone and vulnerable in a tough neighborhood, help develop and maintain peer groups or friendship groups which is a natural human desire, boredom, defiance of authority figures, loyalty to one’s own racial or ethnic group, looking for adventure, money from drug trade, and poor relationships with parents and teachers. Overall, gangs supply their members with an outlet that gives them all of these qualities, and if they have an unstable family structure at home, the gang acts as a substitute family. Also, it allows…

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