Why Do People Hurt Each Other? Essay

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Why do people hurt each other?
Social Psychology is the scientific study of how people 's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others. The scientifically approach of the social psychology find the big questions as a logical, repeatable publically verified and solvable. Drawing scientific approach for a big question like “Why do people hurt each other? How does genocide happen?” from the social psychological perspective, can follow the scientific method and its basic steps. It is important to start with the observation and describing the problem, followed by creating a hypothesis. Designing an experiment to test the hypothesis is the next crucial step. Finally, conclude by drawing a conclusion.
In this world, we defiantly know that people around us hurt each other. Here I’m not talking about big political or ideological conflicts, but I’m referring to the number of death around the world because of the human violent side. Our hypothesis, in this cause, will follow the social psychological pattern, which I will describe in the second, third and fourth themes of my essay. Indeed, It will be difficult to create and experimental study, that will describe the causality, since it is unethical to test or push people to commit crimes. Instead, we may address our experiment based on previous studies, direct observation, and field studies.
Social Psychologists consider…

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