Why Do People Hate Modern Music? Essay

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Why do people hate modern music? It seems that it is no coincidence that most people ages 12-60 do not enjoy all of the popular tunes and artists. There is indeed a large following and audience to Rock, Pop, Rap, Country, Metal and Electronic. This common trend has a direct correlation with how loud and simple the songs have become and the ratio of people disliking it. They are certainly popular for a multitude of reasons, but those same reasons reflect an opposite opinion that has been become impossible to ignore. This phenomenon could be simply explained by the statement, “All Music is Subjective.” This question is frequently asked throughout the last few decades, but I can only agree with it partially. I have also discovered, being asked by many, what kind of music do I prefer. The question usually makes people stop and think longer than they should as they have to describe it with more than just a few vague genres. Instead, they would simply say, “I don’t really listen to anything too popular,” and be accused to be a hipster. In recent research, we have realized that a very large majority of any music people like is created on the computer. Electronic music is realized in many subgenres, i.e. House, Trance, Dubstep, Glitch, Breaks, well over a hundred more. This allowed the hypothesis to arise that the introduction of modern electronic/ synthetic music has changed music to become more objective than subjective.

The previous and current states of a musician or artist…

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