Why Do People Drink Alcohol? Essay example

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People ask questions like, why do people drink alcohol? Why are women who are pregnant and taking drugs doing this to their unborn child or children? Many individuals have reasons for everything they do. Lots will go out and have a fun as others will drink to forget the day or stressful things in their life. The effects on babies whose mothers abused drugs and alcohol while pregnant can lead to many problems when they are born. Children who are exposed to different kinds of drugs and alcohol can develop many hard obstacles throughout their childhood and adolescent life including adulthood. Many people do not know what drugs and alcohol can do to not only the unborn child, but also the mother during the cycle of pregnancy. Numerous kinds of drugs can affect the mother and baby in different ways. Many children will have Developmental and Intellectual delays, birth and long term health effects from the numerous drugs from the mother.
There are many people in the world that do not realize that an unborn child is not the only one that is at risk if the mother is using drugs while she is going through the trimesters of pregnancy. Mothers that are using different types of drugs or drinking alcohol do not understand what it can do to their body while they are pregnant and the risks if they continue to use until the child is born or if they stop cold turkey. Stopping drug use without medical help can led to miscarriages, placenta eruption, seizures and death to the mother. Many…

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