Why Do People Consider Cohabitating? Essay

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In today’s society, the sacredness of marriage is not at all respected, as much as it used to be. With a divorce rate of over 50%, couples are deciding to live together before getting married, thinking it is safer and easier. However, cohabitation before marriage does create problems for couples as well as children.
Why Do People Consider Cohabitating?
Cohabitation means to live together in a romantic relationship without being married. There are many reasons people would choose to cohabitate. Some people don 't want to get married but still want a long-term relationship and live with the person they love. Some reasons are economical and other people simply want someone to live with to reduce living expenses, like college students sharing an apartment. Other reasons include, but are not limited to: they are able to spend more time together, the opportunity to have emotional and sexual closeness without being married, they won’t have an unpleasant divorce if the relationship fails, they want to see how compatible they are living together, to experience the married life before they actually say I do, older people want to avoid losing any benefits they may receive like alimony, welfare, or pension checks, they may have been married before and don’t want to pay for another costly divorce, and legally they may not be able to get married if they were previously married and never divorced (Popenoe, David, and Whitehead, 1999).
From a legal standpoint cohabiters see a benefit in…

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