Essay on Why Do People Are Born?

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"Abre la boca y cepillarse los dientes!" I exclaimed while demonstrating tooth brushing motions on a giant plastic mouth. The crowd of twenty Ecuadorian children looked up at me in amazement, and, following my directions, put their new toothbrush with toothpaste into their mouth, and started scrubbing their teeth. The kids ranged from 4 to 16 years old and for many this was their first time brushing their teeth. Afterward, it was the kids turn to teach us something. We sat in a circle and played “Paso en avioneta”. I was so thrilled because this was identical to a hand game I played when I was a kid. Although these Ecuadorian kids and I looked different and came from different backgrounds, at that moment, we were one and the same: we were just a bunch of kids sitting in a circle playing hand games. Essentially, that is how it should be; where people are born, what language they speak, what gender they are, what religion they practice, and how they look does not influence the fact that we are all human and need the basic necessities of clean food, water, and air; shelter; education; and basic healthcare. However, during this mobile clinic trip to Tena, Ecuador with MEDLIFE, a nonprofit organization that provides developmental, educational, and medical aid to regions in need, I learned about the shocking health inequities that exist in the world. It was heartbreaking to realize the unfortunate truth that these kids and I were also so different because they lacked basic health…

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