Effects Of Know It All Essay

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As humans, several things make us irritated. While some things that make certain people annoyed do not have the same effect on others, the basic concepts are the same. One thing that I have noticed all people get enraged about is being around someone who they do not particularly admire. Perhaps the worst of all, is being in the same setting as a stereotypical know it all. Most of the time people do not know how to identify know it alls which leaves them no way to resolve the annoyance the know it all inflicts upon them. Therefore, if one can point out know it alls, then they will be able to discover how to deteriorate the suffering that the know it all puts him or her through. In reality, it is not strenuous to figure out if someone is a know …show more content…
They believe that they are far more superior than anyone else on the planet. They are obsessed with themselves and love to make it well known just how magnificent they believe they are. Also, know it alls are the most gabby people anyone will encounter. They never shut their mouth and most of the times what they are blabbering about depicts just how conceited they are. Know it all have a tendency to never find any situation unfitting for them to chatter. In the same way, know it alls are very narrow-minded. They are prone to assume no one has any thoughts, words, ideas, or accomplishments that are any better than those of their own. Know it alls always fancy the fact that anything they do is the only way, best way, and right way to do things. They do not consider anyone else’s way of doing things at all, only their own. These three characteristics result in an infuriating and bothersome situation for anyone who is in the know it all’s presence.
To start off, my grandpa at any family dinner exemplifies all of the overarching traits of a know it all. First of all, he cooks most of the meals. Thus, resulting in him bragging about how scrumptious it is every single time he takes a bite. After every bite he starts to mumble out the same sound,

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