Why Do Organ Donation Save Lives

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“I want to be remembered for the life I gave as well as the life I lived.” Organ donations are surprisingly not that common as one of would think. Many people believe that if you put that you are an organ donor, on your license that the paramedics won’t try as hard to save you, since they can save more than one life. Organ donations help save people’s lives every day, giving kids the chance to grow up, or the chance for parents to see their kids grow up. With that being said, there are many people against organ donations, but there are many people are for it as well. Organ donations help save lives, advance science, and organs don’t go without being used to their full potential. In 2014, there were over 121,000 people on the list for organ …show more content…
They also argue that getting an organ transplant isn’t worth it because of all the drugs and auto-immune diseases you risk getting afterwards. Even all the complications that could happen during, or after the surgery is always a risk. Although, you know all the risk and everything that could happen before you get the transplant, or donate. People get a choice in whether they want the organ or not. It shouldn’t be forced that people have to take the organ, although it should be forced to give people you organs after your dead, and they can still take your organs, so that your death has a little more meaning to it. You can help saves lives that otherwise wouldn’t get the chance to live. People think it shouldn’t be forced for religious reasons, though that’s different. Many people don’t want to do it because they think that they have a greater chance of dying and not being saved if they’re organ donor. That is simply not true. Paramedics will try and keep you alive, especially for your organs since you need to be alive so that the organs stay alive. If you’re brain dead, they’ll keep you alive just in case your license says you’re an organ donor or not. If it doesn’t say it on your license then they have to get ahold of your family for the

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