Nuclear Weapons Cause Mass Destruction

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Nuclear weapons cause mass destruction, so why would they make the world a safer place? When a nuclear weapon is detonated the land around the explosion becomes unliveable due to radiation, not to mention all the buildings it demolishes. The following report will cover the creation of the bombs, their effects, who has them, if the technology is safe and if they should have ever been used. All of these topics have been researched using multiple different sources and websites to prove how accurate the information is. Due to this new technology nowhere will be a safe place, this nuclear weaponry can bring down cities, so if war breaks out is likely that many cities will be destroyed.
World War 2 has forever changed the way wars are fought, the
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Nuclear radiation will last generations and cause the areas to be un-liveable. This was found out when the US tested the weapons on Bikini Atoll from 1954 to 1958, the residents of the area were moved to safety, they were then able to return in the 1970s but had to leave again in 1978 due to consuming high levels of radiation from eating foods grown in the radioactive soil (Agence France-Press in Majuro, 2014). One of the first bombs that was used is the 15-megatonne Bravo, this was a thousand times more powerful than the one dropped on Hiroshima, that meant it left thousands vulnerable to radioactive fallout in the surrounding area (Agence France-Press in Majuro, 2014). A recent nuclear disaster happened in Fukushima, Japan after the 2011 tsunami, the natural disaster caused the cooling system to completely shut down causing the nuclear power plant to fail (SBS Dateline, 2013). The town is now the most irradiated in the world, no one is able to live there and it cannot be rebuilt, as it is not safe for humans to live in such high levels of radiation (SBS Dateline, 2013). Since 1952 there has been around 35 reported incidents of incidents occurring at Nuclear power plants, but it is likely there are more because not all of them have been recorded (Rogers, 2011) and (BBC, 2011). These incidents have been categorized using the INES (International Nuclear Events Scale) with the highest rank being number 7, so far there have been 1 rank 7 another rank 6 and 4 rank 5 (Rogers, 2011). The recent Fukushima disaster was only ranked level 5 the worst ranked disaster happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine, and ranked number 6 happened in Kyshtym, Russia, 1957 (Rogers, 2011) and (BBC, 2011). Not all incidents are this serious, but any little mistake can cause any minor problem to turn into a disaster, so it’s not just the bombs we have to worry about it’s the nuclear technology in general that is threating

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