Why Do Mass Shootings Occur? Essay

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Mass Shootings The anti-gun crowd would like us to believe that with more guns, comes more gun violence, but since more and more states have allowed people to carry a side arm, crime has declined. Can these things be a mere coincidence? Perhaps, but even if that’s true, it still proves that allowing law abiding citizens to be armed does not increase crime, and suggest that it contributes to lowering it instead (Federal Bureau of Investigation, n.d.). Something else to ponder is where do mass shootings occur? Anyone that has lived long enough, and remembers seeing many of these atrocities unfold in the news, can quickly state that they seem to happen in crowded gun free areas, such as schools. It doesn’t seem so hard to understand that passing a law means nothing to anyone who doesn’t respect the law. Placing a sign outside saying “no guns” does not seem to cause would be criminals to turn around and pick another target. In Israel, they arm their teachers, in American they disarm them. Furthermore, the politicians who are fighting so hard to restrict our second amendment rights, usually send their children to schools with armed guards. So, they clearly believe it necessary to have that protection for their own family, yet seek to take it from the common man. Adding to the problem with guns, at least where mass shootings are concerned, is most of the time, it is reported the shooter was on some kind of psychotropic medicine. Or at least was supposed to be, and…

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