Why Do Languages Die? Essay

1489 Words Oct 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Brianna Taylor
Professor Hyon
Composition I
October 12,2016
Why do Languages Die? My first year as a student of KSU, I was told to take the Freshmen Seminar. There were many to choose from politics to culture. However, the one I decided to take was Cultures and Languages. I had always been interested in languages and always wondered why it was one of the most important features to humanity. Around the middle of the semester, me and my classmates were tasked to work in groups to explain the cons and pros of languages dying and how do they affect humanity. At first I was surprised, this was my first time hearing the words “languages die”. I never knew that languages could just die, this was a subject that I was never taught in grade school. No teacher I ever had brought this to my attention, no book, or etc. So I was one of the first students to pull out my computer and storm the doors of Google, begging for one simple answer. How could a student like me that is barely out the doors of High school, be able to justify the reason languages die. But with a few minutes brainstorming my case, I found that the answer that I need came from my own knowledge. Using Google made my search a little too broad, and left me with unanswered questions. I know the little research that I did would never answer this huge question. One of my teammates, a fellow history major, was very experienced with this subject. He was able to find one solid reason that explained it perfectly: languages can…

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