Why Do Kids Have Sharp Memory Power? Essay

1377 Words May 17th, 2016 6 Pages
Yaju Munikar
Professor Derrick Credito
English 101
17 May 2016 Why do kids have sharp memory power? Isn’t it amazing how kids can recall your name even after a long time they’ve seen you. We might not notice it but children have really sharp memory at recognizing face, identifying pictures of animals, non-living things etc. It is also said that it’s much easier for a magician to fool an adult than a child and children have a much easier time figuring out how the magic tricks work than adults (Vulcan). The phase in which the kids grow up is also known as learning phase which is also one of the reason behind the child’s having a sharp mind which makes him able to learn and catch up things easily and more quickly. There are various theories that define the phenomenon of kids having a sharp memory such as Heredity, his/her surrounding environment, since the brain of a child is fresh and has lots of free space; new things that can be captured easily by viewing it. Psychologist Paul Bloom who is a very renowned Canadian American professor of psychology and cognitive science has stated a theory that when a child develops into an adult, they lose certain abilities. He backed up his theory with by relating it with developmental psychology and observation. What do we see that children do that 's really good and that 's better than adults? And I think one answer, for instance, is language. That is one of the…

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