Strange Situation Classification Essay

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Have you ever felt down when an infant declines you or when he/she does not want to make eye contact with you? Well there is a reason for why the child acts differently. As many of us know, many infants have different type of attachment style. By different attachment style, I mean how one infant will be playful with a stranger alone or with its caregiver and stranger together and the other infant will not be playful. He/she will not try to make eye contact with the stranger or if the caregiver and the stranger are together the infant will only pay attention to its caregiver. Many people don’t know on why infants act differently, but in this case Mary Ainsworth did a procedure called “Strange Situation Classification”. While doing this procedure she automatically …show more content…
These children are the ones who feel protected and can always count on their caregivers to return back. When they are with a stranger alone the infant tries to avoid the stranger until the caregiver comes back; he/she will not avoid the stranger anymore since his/her protector is with them. By the time the caregiver comes back the infant will feel extremely happy and will use the mother as a “safe base” in order to explore what’s around them. The issue with secure children is that they keep a positive mind knowing its caregiver will always be there for them and never abandon them even when they are with a stranger.
Insecure avoidant is when the infant ignores the caregiver when leaving and will not show any kind of emotions when caregiver return. When the infant is left alone with a stranger they automatically start to play with them and by the time the caregiver returns the infant will only show little interest. The issue on why the infant is ignoring the caregiver is because the caregiver tends to reject the infant emotionally or won’t give any attention to

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