Why Do I Want To Be A Police Officer Essay

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Throughout my 7th and 8th grade at William O’ Darby Junior High I tried, but I did not try hard enough, I knew I had potential, but I did not put all the potential I had into the work I did. I tended to wait for the last minute to do all the work I had in order to complete it on time. I could not really focus in classes because I did not have all the motivation and grit I needed to do something with my life in the long run. There were times where I would not do my homework and think it would be okay as long as I did the next assignment. I kept my grades at an okay level just to keep my family off my back. Then the day came where Upward Bound came into my junior high and spoke to all of the students about the things they provided to students …show more content…
They taught me to also do it for myself to show others that I am a great individual and I have the ability to do whatever it is that I want to do with my life whether it was to be a Police Officer or a Firefighter. As a participant in the Upward Bound Trio Program for about four years I have attained a lot more knowledge and guidance that I would not have attained if not accepted. Upward Bound has taught me to be one of the responsible people in my family and has helped me to guide others on their educational journey. I will use the responsibility I have gained from the Upward Bound Trio Program in college to keep me on track for classes and to make sure that I will strive in my classes. Also I will use it with the job I have now and the jobs I will have in the future. Upward Bound has also taught me to start early on projects and assignments and that it will help when the time comes. I will reflect this into my college assignments and classes in order to be successful. Upward Bound has also given me the motivation to set goals and the understanding of what I have to do in order to achieve

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