Why Do I Pray You See The Light One Day?

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Now before all ye of lots of faith start casting your stones at me, just take a moment to hear me out.

I’m not talking about those of you who use the phrase loosely in situations in which you have no other words. As a former Christian I understand the gesture.

I mean those of you who insist on asking those invasive questions in an attempt to either (a)genuinely inform yourselves, or (b)convert us through intimidation, only to end what seems like hours of torment with, “I pray you see the light one day.”

I mean I can’t speak for all Atheists but it’s not as if choosing to remove yourself from the community you’ve been a part of your whole life is an easy feat.

Growing up low income, black, and in the Bible belt it’s almost a miracle that I was able to
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When in fact, because of Atheist some of the greatest breakthroughs in science, mathematics, and technology have occurred.

They believed in something. They believed in progress.

Progress is what we Atheists put our faith into.
So when we bite our tongues, knowing the power that it can wield, we do so with the faith that one-day the truth will no longer be rejected.
We have faith that one-day one of our long debates will end in someone actually doing a bit of research of their own.
We have faith that one-day instead of sitting around praying people will get out and do something.

So again, for all you die hard believers. If you want to hold on to your values, that’s fine. We respect your right to believe what you want. We respect your right to have your meetings. Sing your songs. And spread the word to those willing to accept it.

It’s you refusing my right to reject it. My right research and disseminate information. My right to be joyous and celebrate my newly enlightened state.

So since you are already repulsed by everything that is me, please save us all the courtesy of offering up your prayers. Your words are falling on deaf

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