Essay about Why Do Gun Show Loophole?

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Earlier this year on January 5, President Barack Obama sought to close the “gun show loophole” by stating that “Anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecution.” (Watch) This sounds like a feasible plan and it would be except for one thing; President Obama did not specify what qualifies as being in the business of selling firearms. Does he mean all gun dealers who sell firearms as a career or is he implying that even private citizens wanting to sell their gun to a friend must perform background checks? When people refer to “the gun show loophole” what they are really talking about is a private sales loophole. Every federally licensed gun dealer in the country is required to perform a background check before selling a gun to someone. They have had to do this with all handgun sales since 1994 and then all long gun purchases in 1998. (Lott) When anyone is seeking to purchase a gun the dealer uses The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to determine whether the prospective gun owner is a felon, a fugitive, a minor, one who is addicted to a controlling substance, has been kicked out of the military or has ever been emitted to a mental health institution. If the person qualifies as any of these things they will not be sold a gun. (What) Private citizens however are not required to do any such background check when selling a gun and because they don’t this is sometimes seen as…

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