Essay on Why Do French Fries Taste Good?

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Rhetorical Analysis
The summary is clearly about how J, R Simplot started and how he became the main supplier for McDonalds and a billionaire. Dropping out of school and eighth grade to work on a farm with his dad. Eventually becoming a farmer at sixth teen. The summary is more appealing to people who work on a farm or and the fast food industry. People who want to open their own fast food business can relate to his journey and his skills of farming and growing crops. With his strong work ethic and confidence Simplot was destined to becoming a multi billionaire for his hard work. This summary is a inspiration for people who are dreaming of opening their own business. Whatever it is nonfood related people around the world can relate to Simplot journey and story. His story is really powerful and has given me hope to own my own business as well.

Why Do French Fries Taste Good? A question asked by many restaurant food critics on various websites, magazines in other things about McDonalds French Fries. In fact, the signature taste of McDonald 's fries came about as something of an accident.(Horsley) McDonalds French fries came from the now billionaire J.R Simplot whom this essay is about. He was considered the founder of the bestselling French fries known to man. Now a billionaire he has funded a lot of projects like investment in Micron Technology— a designer of computer memory chips and is now the largest private employer in Idaho currently worth about $1.5 billion.…

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