Why Do Cyber Bullying Laws Need to Be Enforced? Essay

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Why do Cyber Bullying Laws Need to be Enforced?
Several middle school students in western New York created a Facebook event invitation Oct. 21, and they invited 60 of their friends to participate in a plan to torment the sixth-grader the next day. As the result, 10 accepted the invitation and some of the students posted offensive comments; one even proposed to kill the boy. When the mother of the proposed victim found out about that, she contacted to school officials. This is common news for many towns and cities in the U.S. Many people don’t know what cyber-bullying is. Cyber-bullying is the use of cell phones, instant messaging, e-mail, chat rooms, or social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to harass or intimidate someone.
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It is not a common reaction. A very few, among the million children who are bullied, commit suicide. Bullying can be considered as similar reason of suicide, when a man commits suicide for the rejection from his lover. The criminal law usually don’t take the responsibility of random crimes. (Thomas J. Billitteri: 4-20)

What can schools do against students who bully other students in online? If the students don’t use the school property, schools can’t take any step against the students! The New York Times published a report about cuberbullying,”Although 44 states have bullying statutes, fewer than half offer guidance about whether schools may intervene in bullying involving ‘electronic communication,’ which almost always occurs outside of school and most severely on weekends, when children have more free time to socialize online.” (Online Bullies Pull Schools Into The Fray) Online bullying can occur on nights, at home or in the weekends, but the consequences are seen at the school. As the result, students are so anxious about online harassment that they can’t concentrate on their academics or are scared to come to school. (Caralee Adams: 2). But some people say that school has nothing to do with cyberbullying. Some parents thanked the middle school principal of Old Saybrook, Mike Rafferty, for getting involved and some asked him to stay out of their life because that didn’t happen in the school property. (Online Bullies Pull Schools Into The Fray)
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