Why Do College Students Take A Joke?

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Sensitivity Why do college students take things so seriously these days? According to the article, “Today’s College Students Can’t Seem to Take a Joke!”, written by Caitlin Flanagan discusses how college students cannot take a joke. This article, is about comedians coming onto college campuses to perform comedy, however college students take things too seriously. It talks about how the college students only liked the positive comedians that did not make any offensive jokes towards anyone. In life, there are many topics that should only be joked about to a certain extent that one is with; for example, college students aren’t able to take a joke because it crosses that line to the point where it is unacceptable. I disagree with Flanagan’s …show more content…
College students can be a handful because, we are slowly starting to begin our lives and find our true selves. We need a lot of positivity in our lives to keep us going to stay motivated for school and work. In general, people don’t like to hear negative thought, so why would college students want to? For example, if I was having one of the lowest points in my life, and I went to a show and heard a bunch of negative things that apply to me, I would take it to heart and get very upset and start doing things I shouldn’t be doing such as drinking, drugs, hurting myself, etc. We should be able to hear positive things so that it could relieve our minds to make us feel important, not to stress us out or make us more mad. College students are sensitive, so all we want to hear is the good things in life and we want people to make us happy. There are many ways to cope positivity with negativity because we are the one’s who are in charge of our own lives and we can make the best out of it. When comedians joke around with college students, they should at least shine some positivity around them because college students need to feel

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