Why Do Churches Continue To Be Tax Free?

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There are many reasons why churches should remain tax exempt. There are some who believe that churches should be required to pay taxes, but I believe that taxing churches would diminish the good works that churches do for their surrounding communities. Since the year 1894, churches in the United States have been tax exempt as a way of separating churches from the state. By taxing churches, funds which would otherwise be used to help those in need would need to be paid in taxes. Churches help to change the lives of many people by helping them to grow in faith, they help to uphold a safe community, and they provide many who are poor with the assistance they need to live. Churches should continue to be tax exempt because of the good they do for those who live in the communities around them. …show more content…
If churches were taxed, they could struggle to remain open after paying property taxes and any other taxes that might be required on the money given to them by parishioners. Because churches are presently tax-exempt, they are able to use the proceeds they receive from their parishioners to help the needy in their community. With this money, churches can purchase the supplies such as food and clothing that are needed for the underprivileged people they seek to help. Not taxing churches also allows the churches to focus more on improving their community by leading service projects and other activities, which involve parishioners and help them to make their communities a better place. Because of the good a church community can do for the needy and the community as a whole when not burdened with taxation, I believe that churches should continue to be

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