Do Teen Athletes Use Steroids?

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85%. That’s the percentage of teen athletes who do not receive any education about what the side effects of steroids happen to be”. Many people in the world are using steroids. Why not eat healthy and stay active instead of using a drug. Now days men are leaning toward using this drug. The supplement itself is harmful just as any other enhancements. Taking the drug has its risks, and could send yourself to the hospital. There are three things you need to know about steroids: the side affects of steroids, the pros and cons, the abuse, medical reasons, and how steroids work. Steroids are not something to take for fun it is very dangerous.
A steroid is a synthetic hormone that resembles testosterone in the growth of muscle. Athletes use them
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Using steroids can also make you have mood changes. “Anabolic steroids do the same thing but better and faster. They also speed the muscle-healing process by blocking the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue. That can mean less down time for athletes who go into overtime” . The only way to get steroids is if it was prescribed from a doctor, but some people have found ways to get them from other places.

There are different types of steroids. Anabolic steroids are used as synthetic testosterone that helps muscle growth. Some are used for body building and sports related. Many body builders use steroids to help them gain and work harder. There are also other types of steroids that doctors give their patients. Doctors prescribe them to people that have health issues. Some medical problems occur and doctors prescribe steroids to patients that need them. Doctors prescribe them only depending on their health problems. Many people that have asthma use steroids. They even give them to people that are low on a certain hormone. Knowing that steroids are synthetic you should know that if you don’t need it don’t use is it. There is no reason to give your body something that it already makes.
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Not to mention many famous athletes have been caught using them. Athletes use steroids to improve their performance. Athletes say that using them gives them an advantage, and have more endurance and stronger. The majority of people that use steroids just want to have bigger muscles and reduce their body fat.3ww41 People also give animals steroids. Horse racing is one sport known for steroid use. People give the horses steroids and the horses have better stamina endurance. There are many other sports that have abused steroids. All steroids do is just help you build muscle and get stronger. People need to understand that you don’t need steroids unless you have a medical reason. Athletes use steroids for an unfair advantage. They want to be the best athlete in their game. Many athletes want steroids legalized. There are laws that prevent steroid use. That is why steroids are illegal in any sport. If you get caught selling steroids you could be pay a fine of $250.000, and also get sent to jail. If caught using steroids you will pay a fine of $1000 and one year in prison, also steroids are illegal in the united states. Many teens also use steroids, they are also aware of the consequences. Most teenagers start using steroids as soon as they enter high school. The average teen that do use them one use them to have an advantage over other players. Most studies have shown that some men have a certain addiction to where they feel small

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