Research Paper On Animal Rights

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Grace Cremeans
Miss .Beverly
April 7, 2016 Animal Rights Animals. They have a brain, a nervous system, and they communicate through sound. Sound familiar? Like a human? In reality there are only a few differences between human and animal biologically. So why do we treat them so differently. We won’t test on ourselves for risky things so why are we doing it to animals? Animals should not be used for testing because they can feel it, they are helpless, and many of animals die from it every year.
Animals should have rights. However, they are necessary for human existence to be used as food, but that’s what the creation of animals was made for. Not for testing medicine, cosmetics, and etc on. Animals should have rights
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So instead of using the term “animal rights,” people should use the term “animal welfare.” Animals don’t have the same rights or even close to the same rights as us humans. Animal welfare states that we know that animals may be used for certain purposes but shouldn’t be mistreated or abused. Some people say that animals behave selfishly, and only look out for themselves and their own interests. Since animals don’t behave morally they don’t deserve to be treated morally by human beings. If we want animals to have rights like us humans then that means we can’t breed or kill them for …show more content…
They shouldn’t be tested on because they don’t do anything to deserve to be tested on. Animals feel pain just like us humans, so if we aren’t treated with that disrespect then why should animals. It’s not fair to the animals. Many animals die each year from how brutal the testing is. After some testing, the testers decide to just dispose of the animals themselves in inhumane ways like the breaking of the neck, or in a more humane way by putting them under medically. But either way, the life of a helpless animal is being ended for no reason, when this life could be being used for the comfort of a human, or for food, depending on the animal it is.
Animals should have rights for a good amount of reasons. Animals should be treated with care and respect. Animals don’t deserve to be tested or harm in anyway because they didn’t do anything. Animals should have at least some rights so we can improve how animals are abused, tested, and disrespected by humans. Would you want your pet to be taken away for testing? Would you want to watch the brutality of it? If not, then why let another animal go through this.

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