Essay about Why Did Your Mother Bring You Here?

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“Why did your mother bring you here, Trey?” asked the psychiatrist, who was sitting behind his desk which covered with a stack of files.
Because I knock out Freddy Maister until his face bruised and his leg bone cracked. I’m sure he walked limping with his broken leg after that, thought Trey.
“How can I forget what my mom has said to me?” said Trey, throwing his perfectly practiced smile, “That I should deal with my constant turmoil, with my severe gap between too much of something and lack of something, between locking in my room for days, and wandering all day, between hate too much and love too much…”
“We’ve been trying to help you to build a bridge that would narrow down the gap between your constant up and down, the bridge where you can walk safely and will give you stability for a long time. We’re surprised you’ve shown a drastic progress we’ve never foreseen it coming before.” He lowered his voice, “Your mom has talked to the Maister family. And Freddie, he seems to have put all your rivalry behind, he’s trying to be nice to your family.”
Trey furrowed his eyebrow, what’s Freddie’s intention? That info sounded more like a threat than a comforting one.
He paused, “What do you think? If we let you go, are you going to be okay?” said the psychiatrist.
“Yes, I’ll be okay,” Trey said, almost whispered. “My family will be happy.”
And looked like he could convince the psychiatrist and his team as two weeks after, they finally released him from the facility.


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