Why Did You Chose The Article Essay

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Why did you chose the article
When I think of leaders of organizations, I think of people who are innovative, forward thinkers, and most of all focuses on people rather than numbers. Leaders are also people who never settles for things as they are, empowers their team members, and create an environment that is motivating for team members.
I chose this article because my organization received a presentation from LightspeedVT, a virtual training company vying to become a vendor. In researching this company, I was very impressed with the company and the philosophy of the CEO, Brad Lea. As I searched online for an article, I came this article featuring Mr. Lea as being a leader who will flourish in 2015; as I continued reading the article, I was presently surprised and decided to use this article as my leaders’ current event assignment.
The Key points of the article In today’s business world, many companies vying for the competitive edge. Many leaders have hired firms to make expensive television ads, some have used social media, and have even used giveaways to capture consumers. Although these strategies may work, the only way for any strategy or method to work is with the leaders at the top to display original leadership. Consumers today are looking for that out-the-box thinking, something different, originality. According to (Llopis, 2014), “to be an original leader requires new levels of thinking that most wouldn’t have the courage to explore and put into action.…

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