Why Did You Choose This Topic? Essay

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Why did you choose this topic?
I chose this topic because I myself was interested in participating The Duke of Edinburgh and wanted to learn more about the kinds of activities I can undertake. I also wanted to find out more about how I can organise The Duke of Edinburgh around my personal life so that it doesn 't impinge on more important aspects in my life.
How did you refine your topic?
I had a hard time at the start when I was trying to choose a topic as I had no idea what I was really wanted to study for Research Project. At first I struggled to understand the processes of Research Project and by not knowing how to begin the initial processes and establishing research, made it difficult for me to begin my main research and halted my initial phases of writing my outcome.
I initially wanted to study a topic based around sport and movement or health and diets but the science components of those topics worried me because I am not in any science subjects so it would be harder for me to obtain knowledge about them. Around the time we began Research Project, I had begun thinking about participating in the Duke of Edinburgh. At the time I was participating in activities and sports that I could use as my Duke of Ed components so I thought it would be easy to compete it. I then thought about how completing the duke of d would benefit me in obtaining a job or going for a leadership position in school and this is how I came up with my first question ‘To what extent can…

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