Why Did World War 2 Break After Ww2

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World War II occurred September 1, 1939 through September 2, 1945. Hitler had invaded Poland (source 1). Soon after the invasion in Poland; France and Britain declared war on Germany. Britain and France was forced to sell items and they had used that money for war (source 1). This war was the most devastating one of all. There are different reasons why the war had spiraled out of control. For various of reasons like the Treaty of Versailles, how Hitler became so powerful, and how the peace was broken after WWI. There are opposed reasons other than those listed like, Appeasement, Japan expansion, and the Great Depression all played a part in World War II. Many people wish that World War II would have turned out differently or not, occurred at all, but it did.
The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty brought to Germany leaders
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The League of Nations was an international organization in place to keep the peace between countries. Germany believed that the League will help them gain back power. They also believed that the League of Nations might reach a working compromise with Utopia and reality. Once, the depression touched down in Japan, they did not depend on the government, they relied on their army to resolve it, by invading China. The League of Nations did not have an army, so when countries requested help from them, they couldn’t do much to threat the country. The League of Nations did not succeed because every country was not a part of it. Meaning that country had no intention of keeping the peace after World War I. In addition, it failed because countries began to see that the League could not prevent war so they began to stop relying on them. If the League portrayed to other countries as powerful, and could prevent war, then maybe it would not have failed. Once the League failed, then countries stop relying on the government and relied on their army. The peace was broken between

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