Why Did The Columbian Exchange Make It Easier For The Expansion Of The New World?

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Q3: Why did the Columbian Exchange make it easier for the expansion of Europeans into the New World?

Understanding how the Columbian Exchange worked and why it was significant to both the Old World and New World is the most important conversation to have. The essay defines the Columbian Exchange as an “artificial re-establishment of connections through the commingling of Old and New World plants, animals, and bacteria.” The author is describing how the two different societies combined their food and animals for a cultural advantage, but also how germs negatively affected the New World. The Columbian Exchange made it easier for the expansion of Europeans into the New World. The crops that they found allowed them to have a new source of food in both the Old and New World. Old World animals found a “hospitable climate and terrain in North America” which made settling in the New World more practical. However, “the crucial factor was…germs” which killed New World people in such large numbers that the Europeans had no real resistance to settling in the New World. When the Europeans arrived to America they brought plant seeds to have familiar crops such as “wheat, barley, rice, and turnips.” Since the Europeans were generally unfamiliar with the plants in the New World, they had to bring crops they had already been relying on. On the other hand, the New World crops were beneficial for the Old World because new crops could be grown in a variety of climates and new crops meant…

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