The Origins Of The Cold War

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Cold war began after World War II. Everybody was pleased that World War II (WW II) ended and people would not be afraid of their lives anymore. However, this idea was not true because Cold war began. This war was nearly worse than WW II because nobody declared this war and this war officially never ended. In fact, everybody realized this war. Cold war was different from previous wars because two superpower countries stood against each other. Both countries had different ideologies, regimes and mainly different ideas how to arrange the World. President of the United States of America (U.S.), Harry Truman announced his vision that U.S. could support freedom and democracy and fought against dictatorship in the World. Soviet Union had the same vision and exercised its power in Central and Eastern Europe. In 1948, situation was very critical in Western European countries. Economies are down and Communist parties get an influence. In 1948, Soviet Union lost “the first battle” in Cold war during Berlin crisis. Soviet Union blocked roads into western sector, which were under control of United States, United Kingdom (U.K.), and France. As result of this, U.S., U.K. and France established air corridor to supply Berlin. Finally, Soviet Union had to retreat and suffer open border into Berlin until …show more content…
The World was very close to “World War III” because Soviet Union placed nuclear rockets in Cuba. U.S. decided to react promptly. U.S. established naval blockade of Cuba until Soviet Union would not withdraw nuclear rockets from Cuba. As result of this tension, Khrushchev sent a letter to President Kennedy. Khrushchev suggested that he withdrew nuclear rockets from Cuba if Kennedy would not attack to Cuba (referaty.aktuality, 2007). President Kennedy agreed not to attack Cuba and Soviet Union subsequently removed rockets from Cuba. Negotiations were very sensitive, but successful. This crisis was the most serious during all Cold

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