Why Did Keda Decide To Embark On An Erp Implementation

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The project success was a result of good practice. Keda was able to successfully implement the ERP because of various factors; one of these critical factors was support from top management. Keda’s senior executives were actively involved throughout its implementation. Also the corporate team effort was the key driving force throughout the ERP implementation. There were clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the various departments and employees. And what team can operate to their fullest potential without a support system? In addition to Keda’s senior executives, guidance for the team was provided via ERP consultants who served as coaches while the IT department ran the show and helped users along the way (Fung 2009.)

Why did Keda decide to embark on an ERP implementation?
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These functions were operated efficiently and effectively; they helped Keda to boost the product quality and customer satisfaction in the global market. Then the company started to experience some issues because it was not properly executing vital business processes; this affected the employee's ability to make precise and effective decisions that fuel daily operations (Fung 2009.) Keda needed to pursue the implementation of ERP to enhance the company’s competitive front and growth, and to strengthen leadership and teamwork among corporate executives and employees. The existing company culture, which involved open and unregulated decision making, began to negatively impact Keda’s performance. Redundancies among employees and business processes resulted in higher operational costs for Keda. For instance, when Keda was deciding to compete in the global market for polishing machines, management was unable to make an accurate price projection (Fung

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