Why Did Che Enter The Cuban Revolution

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Che arrived in Guatemala and met a Peruvian woman named Hilda Galea. They started to live together and sleep together. He was then introduced to Fidel Castro. According to Che’s friend in Guatemala, che had read “a whole Marxist library”, and was possessed. Some claim that Che’s arrived at Marxism through Cuban Revolution experience. Che experienced the revolution in Cuba, he even took part in the Cuban revolution.
He was a leading figure of the Cuban revolution, but he was already a Marxist when he was in Guatemala, and he was possessed by reading Communism books. Che was interested in sharing his knowledge about communism. As he met Cuban refugees, he strived to share his knowledge. As he shared it with a Cuban Militant named Dario Lopez. Che Guevara was known as one of the international agents of Communism.
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Che joins Fidel Castro’s movement. They started to arm themselves, to fight against Batista. Fidel Castro bought a boat, so he could send his small army of eighty-two from Mexico to Cuba. Che was in the army. Their main mission was to overthrow Batista. Batista was economically supported by the United States. The United States was supporting Batista because he was against communism. As guerillas arrived in Cuba, Batista forces attacked guerrillas. The number of casualties were high. One out of the third portion of Guerrillas were able to survive the attack. Che was wounded in this attack. Only seventeen of the group were left and the others were

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