Why Did England Lose The Revolutionary War

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The Revolutionary war was an overwhelming source of defeat and humiliation for the British and a tremendous victory for the American colonists. Fought from 1775 to 1783, the American revolutionary war was the colonist’s struggle that won them their independence from the ever over-bearing England. Over-taxed and fed up with the British, on April 19th, 1775 shots were fired in Lexington Massachusetts, sparking the beginning of a revolution. England lost due to several reasons but they all lead back to the main idea of Britain being ‘the greatest empire since Rome’ (p2) meaning that the British and their arrogance sparked several problems which led them to lose against the colonists. Richard Ketchum clearly illustrates the reasons why England shockingly lost the war in his Article “England’s Vietnam: The American …show more content…
The journey to just reach the colonies was purely exhausting which had created a sense of disinterest and lack of motivation for the British to fight. They lost several supplies on the long trip and the journey often took several weeks so shipment was always delayed. Some soldiers didn’t even survive the trip to the colonies and those who did were not in the mood to actually fight. This turned out to be detrimental toward the English economy.
The Americans were already trained on how to fight from previous wars with the British and Indians in the past which made them a harder target. Not only were they successful in guerilla warfare but they were experienced fighters from wars like the French and Indian war. Some Britains had even admitted that they were far superior in warfare than they assumed. The colonists were much smarter than they had seemed to the British with their grand schemes and master plans of attack. The were well trained and familiar with their environment which proved to be greatly adventurous in their

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