Why Did America Join World War II?

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The Allies had just received word that Japan had attacked the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. British Prime Minister Churchill called President Roosevelt to confirm this event, the President responded with this statement, “It’s quite true. They have attacked us at Pearl Harbor. We are all in the same boat now.” America changed the tide of World War Two, but what if that infamous attack never occurred? What would the world be like if America never entered the war? Thank God this is not the case. However, if this were the case, some of the key changes in history that would be worthwhile to look at would include, the attempted invasion of the Soviet Union, how the Allies would have faired against the German war machine, and the effect a German victory would have on America. Some of the most inhospitable battlefields of the war were in Russia, the territory of the Soviet Union. In June, 1941, Hitler began his ill-fated campaign to take Moscow by force. Because of the so-called Tripartite treaty signed by Italy, Germany, and Japan, all parties involved were committed to aid the other in case of a declaration of war by a country that had …show more content…
When America entered World War Two, it stuck fear even into the heart of Hitler, but how could one country change the whole structure of a war? Being a political, industrial, and economic power, America clearly would have altered the outcome of the war by not entering it. Due to this hypothetical action, the Soviet Union would have likely not been able to counter the German attacks, France would not have been liberated, England may have fallen, and America would have been left to fend for itself in the aftermath of the destruction of Europe. It is the little things that change history, the stroke of a pen, the word of mouth. America was an incredible influence on history, and especially World War Two, it would be difficult to imagine a world without

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