Why Curiosity Should Drive Our Scientific Agenda Essay

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In the past close to three decades, there has been intense patient advocacy to push for cancer funding of research. This has led to the withdrawal or limitation of funding in other forms of funding in other areas. It is great story for a form of cancer that was hidden. However, there is information of studies done that make comparisons of cancer burden with studies done. They similarly show the limited funding of diseases with higher rates with leading deaths in US and Canada while others are accorded priority. The debate is if and to what level the government can use tax payers’ money to finance basic research that lacks any clear or hinted at, showing practical issues that would be of benefit to the public. There is need to direct funds to the research for Cancer because, it offers a viable solution to meet basic science curiosity, and has notable economic benefit. This is an area of concern that the scientist should focus keenly and not ignore it.
In a study by Pacific Standard Michael White titled ‘Why Curiosity Should Drive Our Scientific Agenda’ White starts with a backing of the scientist and demeaning the politicians (Heng, 2015). Though, there is fast movement without according the issue importance it needs. He states for us to acquire a strong outcome to scientific outcome to society’s urgent problems, then we must direct funds to the basic, curiosity based research. This research should not be driven by its ability for practical use. Moving to quote the director…

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