Why Corporations Have Hijacked Our Food Supply Essay

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Corporations have hijacked our food supply

In the recent years there has been a lot of controversy over our food supply, mainly focusing on major corporations creating food that is unsafe to humans. From GMO to food additives new research has come out that they could be linked to many diseases. What is the FDA doing about this? Nothing. They have little authority and they feel these food additives and GMO’s are okay, even though they aren 't thoroughly inspected before going into the stores. Corporations have hijacked our food supply.

The unsafe food, food additives and GMO’s in our food system

“Each year, around 50 million Americans get sick from eating unsafe food, resulting in more than 100,000 hospitalizations, 3,000 deaths and countless days of missed work.” (CDC, 2011). Here are some of the unsafe foods, making it into our food supply. Now there are 3 major food additives in our food. The first is Olestra, it is a fat substitute used in potato chips and other snack foods. “Because it isn 't digested, olestra doesn’t add calories, fat, or cholesterol to food. Unfortunately, as it speeds through your digestive system, it takes along some fat soluble vitamins. In excess, it also can cause diarrhea and cramps.” (Globus, 2011). This does not sound good, millions of people are eating this and many people don 't even know it’s in their food.

The second food additive is MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate, it is used to bring out the flavor in soups and…

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