Why Community Colleges Should Be Free Of Tuition Essay

1252 Words Jun 18th, 2015 6 Pages
There are many things that gets the world going. The weather, the humans we react with, and money, but When it comes to education it becomes an important factor. According to the
New York times “Expanding Community College Access” There is a bill that is being proposed and that is to give free tuition for community colleges, but there is an argument that since tuition is averaged around $3300 they also give pell grants and other grants to poor and working class students that they get more out of it. When you talk about money it plays a big role. There is money being involved and when there is it will have an affect how education is maintained. There are students who go to college and when they graduate, they end up taking out loans and later they go into a huge amount of debt community that is the problem.
President Obama wants every student in America to have a sustainable education and that there are multiple reasons why community colleges should be free of tuition. He is willing to put out a program that would also help students pass all their classes and increase graduation rates. People think just because there is grants and scholarships they are getting more than they bargain, as the New York times editor says that there are other expenses to be paid and later on the students have to pay big time in the end and not all schools are 3300 dollars in tuition. Sometimes even some students have to figure out other things they are keeping them from going to…

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