Why College Should Be High School Essay

790 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
1.) To high school seniors, let me first state that college will be a lot different than high school. The freedom that college has can feel very weird and exciting all at once, especially for students who come from a strict household. I would suggest that you carry yourself as if your parents were still keeping an eye on you. Before I left for college, my mom gave me some great advice: “Don’t do anything that I would not approve of.” Prioritizing is critical for college success. Remember that your main reason of coming to college should be to further your education. It is best to continuously focus on whatever is best for you and your future. College writing feels a lot like AP writing courses in my opinion. Expect to write a lot, even in other classes other than English. I strongly advise that you do the week journals if you have them. At the beginning of the semester I was so focused on my essay that I forgot to do a lot of my journals and as a result I noticed that it hurt my grade a little. Prepare to collaborate with others, especially in English because peer reviewing is very important in college.
2.) This semester, I would have to say the most helpful prewriting task for me was defiantly Padlet. This worked best for me because I loved that fact that every post is anonymous and only the teacher can see who wrote the post. This made me feel comfortable when asking a question on Padlet because there was no such thing as dumb questions. When we were working on our Unit 2…

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