Why College Is Worth It? Essay

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College costs are worth it because college presents more opportunities involving

jobs with higher pay, and while your education lasts forever, student loans don’t. In the

following paper, I discuss ways of why college is worth it, and I present the differences

between the life of college graduates and people who only have their high school

diploma. I go into the problems that come with not going to college, and the success

that comes if you do go to college. I’m sure I'll be able to persuade you if you believe

that college isn’t worth it.

In 2013, the average college student paid $20,234 for total tuition, fees, room,

and board rates charged, students at a 4-year institution paid $23,872, and students at

a 2-year institution paid $9,574. While these costs make it seem like college is

expensive, the true cost of college is if you don't go to college at all. So basically, it

costs you more to not go to college than it does to go. and if you were to choose to not

go to college, it would cost you about half a million dollars. This was found by

calculating the cost of tuition and fees, then you'd subtract that amount from the gap

between the lifetime earnings of high school graduates and college graduates. Then

finally you'd have to adjust that amount for inflation, and the time value of money and

you'd finally come out with your answer of it would cost $500,000 to not go to college.

Plus it takes the average college graduate 20 years to…

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