Essay on Why College Is Not For Higher Education

879 Words Nov 13th, 2015 4 Pages
After graduating from high school and getting a diploma many students often ask themselves what do I do now? However, some students do not need to ask this type of question because they already have jobs or plan to get one. But why don’t students go to college? According to Huffington Post, “12 percent of high school graduates have failed to enroll in a college.” Even if you feel like a 4-year college might not be right for you there are still other options such as a community or junior college. High school students generally do not strive for higher education due to certain circumstances made. Students often make poorly supported statements to prove why they believe college is not for them.
One of the biggest excuses not to go to college, high school graduates say is I can’t afford it. Your parents may not be able to afford to pay for tuition, room and board, or books but that is an excuse. Why? First, let me explain something to you colleges want diversity in their school! They do not just want rich Caucasians, even though they are the dominant race in most colleges in America. Colleges will pay you to go to their school and this brings up the term financial aid. “Financial Aid is any grant or scholarship, loan, or paid employment offered to help a student meet his/her college expenses. Such aid is usually provided by various sources such as federal and state agencies, colleges, high schools, foundations, and corporations.” Out of that financial aid package, grants are…

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