Why College Is Not A College Degree Essay

1189 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
Getting a college degree is very questionable today, however I believe everyone should get a college degree if there is ever a chance, because of the financial benefits after graduation, and the variety of skills learned. There are for sure many positives to attending college, as well as many negatives. Throughout college there are a variety of different skills and experiences to gain, which would never be discovered without going to college. Many people believe that college is not worthwhile to attend due to the outrageous costs, and also because college tends to hold people back with major life decisions. The financial benefits that are gained after college, makes college well worth the price. There is a large difference between someone’s salary with a college degree and without a college degree. With a high school diploma, a person could expect that the annual salary will be around $41,000. However, with a bachelor’s degree the average annual salary could be about $64,500 or more. One of the major reasons to go to college is because without a college degree, it is much more difficult to get a higher paying job. In recent years, minimum wage has started to fall, so a college degree is worth more now-a-days, than in past years. Not only is the wage higher with a college degree, but economists have found that even with the exponential cost of college, it will even out over time and eventually exceed the price of college. In the words of Eleni Karageorge, “Once the full…

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