Why College Is Necessary For Financial Stability Essay

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Why College is Necessary College isn’t for everyone, but it can be necessary for financial stability. A college education is expensive, however down the line it can be worth it. Statics show college is clearly worth the investment, and even going into some debt to achieve goals. College is necessary because it has the potential to provide job stability, makes it easier to receive steady income, and furthers your education. College is necessary because it has the potential to provide job stability. What most employers clearly want and need are liberally educated professionals. Statics show 85.9 percent of students entering college stated “to be able to get a job” was the number one reason they were pursuing college degrees. 83 percent in the same survey reported, however, that they also went to college “to learn more about things that interest me,” and 72.4 percent said the pursued a college degree “to gain a general education and appreciation of ideals.” (qtd. By Humphreys, Debra) If you are unsure on what to major in when entering college there is a general studies degree that you can take up, from there you can be guided into the right direction of pursuing your major and career of choice. A college education has multiple positive outcomes for people who pursue the degree with purpose, good guidance, and hard work; today a college degree is essential for success in today’s competitive economy; and a college education is an investment in future success. (qtd. By…

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