Why College Is A Big City Essay

768 Words Sep 25th, 2015 4 Pages
Did you know how great it to attend college in a large city is? Urban colleges offer such incredible environment in almost every corner around or inside campuses. It’s where students can discover the richness, beliefs, cultures, and talents of different people. In addition, it is very important to decide whether or not attending college in big city because the cost is much higher than colleges in rural areas. However, what they could receive is more valuable from the opportunities offered in a city. Moreover, city colleges bring students to an excitement of a bustling city by giving excellent educational resources, life experiences, and plentiful entertainment choices. One of the most advantages of going to school in big cities is to grow with excellent education. Dynamic teachers are one of the examples that can help student create a real path to their carrier. Let say students enroll in an economic class and they are new to the economic world that need deep explanation from the professors. Unfortunately, the professors are not real-life economists. What they do are just providing a general definition, allowing students to take notes, and having them memorize it. In this case, students will learn nothing but a broad theory about the course. On the other hand, what are most dynamic teachers do in urban campuses are bringing their careers to the classroom and promoting students to acknowledge the definite economic world by generating as much example as they can to meet…

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