Why College Education Is Important Essay

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Why College Education Is Important
When people discuss seeking in postsecondary education, many young adults think in a negative way. For instance, they question themselves why to waste my time, money, and effort in college. Also, we can start working right now, or go to trade school and finish my career. However, people need to ponder twice about college on a long run. If they do not consider a college education, then their dreams of achieving a higher profession would not come right. As a result, when they value college and college education the gateway to success becomes one step closer.
To take college in consideration, their willpower about dream profession has to be strong. Specifically when a student dreams but does not work upon it then how is he/she going to succeed? Also, young people have a “magical” thinking where they can achieve their dreams later on in life, but in reality, it is making their willpower much weaker. Therefore college is where students improve their willpower of their dreams, and precisely how college education leads a student towards that goal. For example, if a student pursues on becoming an astronaut he needs to have that willpower so he can achieve his goal met. Without a college education, that student would lose hope and be crestfallen about his dreams. Moreover, if a student has a college education, he will continue forward with his dream of being an astronaut. According to Henig, he mentions “young men and women are more self-focused…

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